Student Clinic in Peoria, AZ

Student Clinic

Certain times are available throughout the year to get student massage therapy. Please read all the information before scheduling your appointment below.

What’s our goal?

The goal and vision is to be more than traditional “relaxation” massage. We are a
medical massage school and that’s what will set our students apart.
Students will use unconventional massage methods, whether that will be
positions you are not accustomed to or assessments that you haven’t had done.
before. Overall goal is for our students to get enough data and information to
help you find solutions.
We are here to provide a great service, but our goal is to step out of the service
provider mindset and help our students gear towards a solutions provider
mindset. They are here to give you the results you need to help manage pain.

Ideal client?
Anyone who is in pain and who can most importantly trust that we are equipping
students to give you the treatment you need.
Willing to be patient as we instruct our students to think outside the box, even
during your session. This is still a learning environment for the students.
Someone who values massage for what it is and where we want to take it.
Massage is stepping into the medical world and we want to help pioneer that
vision with our school and students.

Treatments will range from 30-60 minutes of work.
We will implement a 90-minute initial assessment that will consist of a thorough
assessment as well as some treatment time.
Student will have the flexibility to construct a treatment plan specific to you,
which will consist of several sessions over the course of a few weeks.
Students will use side-lying techniques, tools such as (IASTM, cups, tape),
movement techniques, stretches, lymphatic drainage to name a few.
We ask you commit to treatment plan students design for you so they are able
to see the progression from initial assessment.

Our evening class has graduated and is awaiting licensing which can take 2-3 months. Another class is starting in August and it’s BIG, so we will have many openings near the end of January.

Our Morning class is just beginning their one-hour sessions began in June, and these will be available until Aug 28th, when they will switch to the Evaluation and Medical Massage format for all of September.

**There are no-refunds after you book your appointment. We suggest you gift it to someone else who might benefit from a great massage.

*** Do not book with the same student twice, until you have seen everyone. People who book with the same student consecutive times will be reassigned with another available student at random.

**** Do not make appointments for other people using your name. Each participant must have their own profile and intake form filled out prior to appointment date or service may be refused without refund.

To be on a waiting list, please send email with “waitlist” in subject line to: [email protected]


No Tolerance Policy!! 

Refrain from:  
• The use of illegal drugs or the use of intoxicants prior to or during treatment sessions.  
• Improper hygiene.  
• Nudity or exposure of any private areas.  
• Failure to report any conditions or injuries. 
• Illicit behavior. Overt or covert sexual solicitation or flirting. This includes inappropriate language or moaning. 
Any volunteer who violates the school’s Code of Conduct, disobeys regulations and/or policies, interferes with the educational process, steals, or destroys property, is boisterous, obscene, or in any other way conducts him/herself in a manner so as to detract from the classroom or the image of ARIZONA SCHOOL OF MEDICAL MASSAGE AND WELLNESS, LLC is subject to immediate termination from our educational program, Massage Book, and authorities will be called if necessary. 

Thanks to a $10,000 Grant from the American Massage Therapy Association and Massage Envy, ASMMW was able to install privacy curtains for the student clinic!!

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