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Our medical massage therapist school fulfills the 700 hours required by the state of Arizona and includes a wide range of foundational and advanced hands-on clinical training. 

Our hybrid format allows the student to have quality in-person training in medical massage classes that demand it, while other classes like business and ethics are done online to allow you to be more time-efficient and balance school with work, family, and your personal wellness. 

This option also saves classroom time so you will be prepared to begin your massage therapist career in approximately 9 months.

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We are on a mission to create excellent massage therapists! Our graduates will not only be able to provide an excellent, stress-reducing, and relaxing massage, but they will also be able to provide nonsurgical and non-pharmaceutical options to manage chronic pain for the public. Our program certifies massage therapists with a specialty in medical massage with specific technique protocols that are evidence-based, proven through clinical research studies, and provides clinically meaningful improvement in the quality of life for their future clients.


Arizona School Of Medical Massage And Wellness (ASMMW) is an institution dedicated to the concentrated instruction and learning of therapeutic and medical massage, founded by Tammy Roecker, who is a 30-year licensed therapist that’s been teaching continuing education since 2008 and is approved by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider, as well as providing CE for many other healthcare professionals, and was AFMTE’s 2019 Educator of the Year!

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Become a Massage Therapist Entrepreneur!

Not only does our school teach massage techniques and proper body mechanics, but also business planning and entrepreneurship, so LMTs have a self-sufficient, long career. We help with real estate, leasing, job placement, and mentorship.

Additionally, our continuing education center offers a wide variety of workshops approved by the NCBTMB and State Board for license renewal.

We also host classes taught by popular instructors that are experts in their field to offer a broad spectrum of subjects of continuing education in live, interactive workshops.

How to Become a Licensed Massage Therapist…


Type of Achievement: Certificate
Program hours: 700

Cost Per Hour: $11.92 per hour. ($8500 Total: $8350, plus a $150 Administration/Registration Fee) (FINANCIAL AID is Available)

A = 150 Hours, Medical Massage Therapy Foundations: Essential Sciences
B = 150 Hours, Clinical Foundations: Theory and Practice of Medical Massage Therapy
C = 150 Hours, Implementing Medical Massage and Bodywork
D = 150 Hours, Customizing Sessions for Special Conditions-Specific Protocols with Specific Outcomes-Evidence-Based!
E = 100 Hours, Student Clinic

If you’re interested in enrolling in the August 27th, 2024, program in Peoria, AZ or the August 20th, 2024, program in Tucson, AZ, to become a Licensed Massage Therapist, with a Specialty in Medical Massage and Wellness -call now to discuss. Click here to download our Catalog. The next step is to call us for a personal tour: 800-615-1342. Once this cohort is full, we will start a waitlist.

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