How Massage Therapy Saved My Life (Guest Post)

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When I became a massage therapist at age 23, I had no idea how impactful this profession would become in my life. Having enrolled at age 22, my life was unstable at that time. ‘Lost soul’ was easily an accurate description for me. I was not healthy physically, mentally, emotionally nor spiritually at that time. Luckily, having the guidance of seasoned massage instructors propelled me towards a rewarding career and how to bring balance and alignment to all aspects of life.

Today, I am proud to be a business owner, national educator, author, and contributor to the MBLEx. I am grateful for the wisdom and instruction shared by entry-level massage school instructors and staff that led me to my healing path.

I can vividly recall every massage instructor and teaching assistant having a positive impact upon me. My Chinese medicine instructors Jessica and Madeline presented a refined view of holistic health. My sports massage teacher Cindy challenged me to understand kinesiology of the body, rather than merely memorizing muscles for an anatomy quiz. My foundational massage instructor Lynette shared her 25 years of life and work experience with us, showcasing how a professional therapist conducts themselves within and around the sacred table space. My Anatomy instructor Jamey added a flair of humor to challenging anatomical studies. Along the way, many ancillary staff members imparted wisdom from there in the massage field.

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One significant lesson from massage therapy schooling is how healing appears in a myriad of ways. Healing itself refers to the body restoring balance and harmony. Anatomy students may call this state ‘homeostasis’. There can be homeostasis physically when all body organs and systems are working optimally. There may also be homeostasis mentally when the mind no longer vacillates with unfettered thoughts, emotionally when the body-mind connection is regulated, and spiritually when one feels whole and complete.

I developed both professional and personal growth as a massage student. I ‘grew up’ in many ways as an adult. I became more human in many ways, learning how to embody hallmark traits of healing such as compassion, awareness, and integrity into my daily life. These lessons are still carried with me today as a professional, licensed, board-certified massage therapist. These lessons have also helped me navigate the ‘life happens’ moments.

Aligning one’s lifestyle with choices lending toward healing will manifest one’s goals, dreams, and aspirations. I sincerely hope anyone seeking this alignment in life will consider a career in massage therapy. Discovering health on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels will bring homeostasis and peace in one’s body and life. This discovering may save your life as it did mine.

About the Author: Jimmy Gialelis, LMT, BCTMB, Guest Blogger

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