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Scottsdale Therapeutic & Sports Massage has an opening for a deep tissue/therapeutic massage therapist with excellent clinical reasoning skills. We provide goal-oriented, condition-specific massage, and the ideal candidate will understand common postural patterns (e.g., forward head posture, anterior pelvic tilt) as well as the role anterior muscles play in postural distortions and how to work them safely and effectively (e.g., pecs, subscaps, anterior scalenes, hip flexors). If you do not have these skills, but have intelligent hands and are genuinely interested in developing them, I will consider providing training to help fill the gaps in your experience.

You will be an independent contractor (1099) and will provide your own hands, oil/lotion, and music. I will provide the office, table, linens, clients, and back office support. I pay a 50% commission on each massage that you give (example: client pays $160 for a 90-minute massage, you earn $80). My intention is to provide high-caliber massage to clients and equally high-caliber pay to my therapists. Please be aware that not all clients tip, though you will of course keep 100% of your clients’ tips.

I am looking specifically for weekend coverage (day and exact hours will be of your choosing) and a willingness to add additional days as you build up regular clientele. It usually takes a few weeks before new therapists are fully booked, so you are welcome to split your time between our business and your current position in order to transition gradually. Please note that this position requires a fixed schedule of availability (it is not an on-call position).

Think we might be a good fit for each other? Please send me your resume and explanation of your interest and availability and I will reach out if I’m interested.


Allison Carmody, LMT
Scottsdale Therapeutic & Sports Massage
(480) 744-6471

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